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Change Management

pic articles trainTransformation is comprised of three elements: People, Process, and Technology. Simply purchasing and implementing a technology solution will not achieve your intended results. The holistic solution includes people adopting the technology and changing the way they work. Additionally, the organization must be a champion of the change.

Projects which incorporate excellent change management are far more likely to succeed in realizing value and achieve significant higher ROI than those which do not. Change management begins prior to implementation when the business need is defined, and it continues post implementation.

We work with your organization to embrace change early in the project and throughout the project’s duration, and we leave you with the tools and training that you need to ensure you realize the benefits of your technology investment. Our proven methodology focuses upon both the individual and organization and includes

  • Readiness assessments
  • Communication planning
  • Executive and sponsor activities
  • Change management training
  • End user training and train the trainer
  • Feedback and project reviews
  • Recognizing success

Accelytics has significant experience in training and developing teams from planners through management to effectively utilize the powerful and easy to use tools available in the Anaplan
and Oracle Hyperion EPM suite of applications. It is important to obtain the most value out of your investment in a new technology solution and reduce your total cost of ownership.

A highly trained staff will result in

  • Improved productivity, analytics and reporting
  • Adherence to business best practices
  • Higher degree of functional ownership
  • Timely collaboration throughout the organization
  • Realization of organizational goals

We can help you unlock the potential of your Anaplan investment with a two-day training customized for your company’s needs.

Our consultants are certified in Anaplan Launchpad training and can come onsite to train your team.

We are passionate about what Anaplan Connected Planning provides to our customers and prospects.  learn more...

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