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EPM Implementations

EPM implementations are at the heart of our practice and are our primary service. We have been implementing hundreds of successful implementations of Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Planning solutions for over 15 years. Our experience over those years while employed by Hyperion and Oracle provided us with some of the most in-depth product knowledge prior to the general release of the product and through the products life cycle today. We are considered experts in the EPM space with implementations for some of the complex organization like General Electric, Wyndham Hotels, MTA, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, SAIC, AT&T, ManTech and Raytheon etc.

pic articles teamWe worked closely with the Oracle Hyperion Product organizations in Advanced Training and Evaluation efforts to prepare the EPM applications for release to the general public. We played a key role in the idea to develop an out-of-the-box Project Planning product with pre-delivered content. We worked side by side with the Oracle Hyperion Product Management and Development organizations along with the Product Support team. Our experience included the assistance with the initial internal testing of the most recent product release of the Planning Budgeting Cloud Service.

Our implementation methodology is simple and effective. To ensure the success of your EPM implementation we approach the project through the following phases: conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Our methodology also allows for an iterative component so minor changes can be made without impacting final delivery. The iterative aspect of our implementations allow for the team to assess current developments in the product, consider user feedback to refine the solution and constant testing throughout the implementation to ensure that bugs are not found at the end of the project. The most valuable aspect of our approach is the shoulder-to-shoulder work between your project team members and customers. This type of working relationship will result in constant mentoring and training of our customer and understanding of the customers’ business by our team. The benefits to this working environment are a lower cost of ownership and a customer team that is ready to take over 100% when the project is complete

We also consider it key in any implementation to have a complete buy in by our customers from the project team through the executive management. We highly recommend that we have a seat on the Project Steering Committee to ensure that the solution is in-line with the company’s overall objectives and there is a clear understanding of the project status between executive management and our team.


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