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pic articles trainIt is important to obtain the most value out of your investment in a new EPM system and reduce your total cost of ownership. Having a properly trained staff that can take advantage of the powerful tools available in your new EPM system will ensure efficient and effective business processes. A highly trained staff will result in improved productivity, analytics and reporting. With the properly trained teams and proper business processes in place your organization will realize timely collaboration throughout the team from planners in operations, through analysts in finance and on up to all levels of management.

Accelytics has significant experience in training and developing teams from planners through management to effectively utilize the powerful and easy to use tools available in the Oracle Hyperion EPM suite of applications. We have been helping Fortune 100 and 500 companies, state and local governments, universities and numerous organizations in various industries for 15 years to develop the valuable skills to make their day to day jobs more rewarding and productive. Our approach to training starts when we begin gathering requirements for your solution and through the design, build and test phases of the implementation and into the post-go-live phase. Successful training includes developing the skills of planners, analysts, management and administrators. Trained and skilled teams result in a higher degree of functional ownership in the systems they use every day.




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