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Financial Planning and Budgeting

Detailed Financial Planning and Budgeting are key components of the effectively managed business. Long gone are the days when this can be efficiently accomplished through the use of spreadsheets, yet for too many organizations, spreadsheets still rule the world. In today’s competitive landscape, your business must be positioned to understand, and even anticipate, factors & circumstances which will impact to your business. Being able to rapidly identify & adapt your planning tools to the ever-changing world are key to remaining competitive.

We provide FP&A solutions in the areas of

  • Driver based Planning
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Revenue & Expense Planning
  • Employee Planning
  • CapEx Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Planning

Here are examples of common challenges & solutions we provide:

Common ChallengesAccelytics Solutions
Disconnected processes and the inability to collaborate effectively via a single technology. Whether planning and budgeting activities reside in a formal systems or Excel, the underlying elements are locked away in disparate silos. Point solutions fail to address all needs, resulting in continued fractured processes, and continuously missed opportunities. Employees & processes are so isolated, people stop dreaming of what could be! The organization lacks insight, just like the first telescopes couldn’t see distant galaxies! Your business will benefit from one platform leveraged by many functions for a variety of connected use cases throughout Finance, IT, HR, Global Supply Chain, and Sales.
The planning and budgeting cycle is complex, cumbersome, and time consuming. Many FP&A analysts spend a disproportionate amount of time accumulating and compiling numbers which leaves little or no time for analysis. By investing in technology to collect and process data, your FP&A analysts elevate from data gatherers to information analysts. This ensures a degree of report vetting during the forecast / budget cycle, dramatically improving the quality of output, not to mention large improvements in forecast/budget cycle times. This also results in higher employee satisfaction and retention.
Lack of rapid insights and inability to react to changing business needs. The process of updating complex Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and other company systems is a lengthy and complex. Many times, by the time the plan is updated, it is already obsolete. A technology which is readily adaptable to changing business needs to ensure you have the insights you require when you need them.
Existing planning and budgeting systems and processes fail to account for business growth. Spreadsheets and disparate systems become extremely intricate and too complex to compensate for business growth. The inability to scale to business growth results in error prone processes and systems, ultimately leading to incorrect decisions. We work with you to select and implement technology solutions which scale both vertically (size) and horizontally (complexity or diversity) to your business needs..
Performing detailed (what-if) modeling using the latest forecast or budget is not possible. Businesses lose competitive advantage by not being able to plan for various possible changes in the business, market, and economy. We implement best in class technology to facilitate complex forecasting models.

Accelytics ensures you receive the right solution based upon your business needs. Our team is certified in Anaplan and Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Solutions, and we possess decades of technical and functional experience. Contact us for a personalized consultation of your existing business and needs. Our expertise, experience, and products allow us to implement in a matter of weeks!

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