Supply Chain Planning

Supply planning, demand management, and sales and operations planning are connected into a one stop shop to across the value chain. We provide solutions in the areas of:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Procurement / Purchasing
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP, IBP)
  • Mulit Echelon Inventory Optimization
Common ChallengesAccelytics Solutions
Forecast is not accurate and driving inconsistencies in staffing for daily oeprations, inventory investments and customer service Apply predictive analytics to drive improvements in forecast accuracy and improve overall collaboration by introducting a formal S&OP process
Production facilities schedules are constantly changing which is increasing operating expenses and inconsistencies in supply Connect the supply chain process and provide instant visibility to desired staffing levels, capacity constraints, and operational bottlenecks
Investment in working capital is significant and not necessarily impacting service level in a positive manner Introduce multi echelon inventory optimization to help determine optimial inventory levels needed to offset supply chain variability and minimize costs
Siloed planning with no alignment across sales, supply chain, operations and finance Formalize and implement a S&OP ir IBP process using a single technology platform to drive collaboration and internal integration
Planners are not able to see data that highlights the true impact of a decision as they move through the supply chain planning process Implement an agile planning platform that enables scenario planning across the entire supply chain providing answers in near real time
Seems the supply chain planning process is more reactive than proactive Implement a system that provides real time insight into supply chain bottlenecks and constraints. Incorporate advanced analytics to help propose decisions for planners
Our current technology is slow, outdated and not being utilized to its fullest potential Enable the business with a tool they can control and modify as the business or processes changes.This will protect tehcnology investments and reduce supply chain risk

Accelytics ensures you receive the right solution based upon your business needs. Our certified Anaplan and Oracle team possesses decades of technical and functional experience. Contact us for a personalized consultation of your existing business and needs. Our expertise, experience, and products allow us to implement in a matter of weeks!

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