Workforce Planning

CEOs and Human Resource Officers often state that workforce planning, with related data driven decision making, is one of the top priorities of a company. In most organizations, workforce is one of the most important assets – if not, the most important asset. To ensure your company’s workforce is optimized to your business plans, consistent objectives, processes, and communication are essential. We’ve partnered with many companies to overcome workforce forecasting challenges through a connected planning model, tailored to each company’s specific needs.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Workforce Planning

Accelytics has a proven track record in overcoming the following Workforce Planning challenges:

Common ChallengesAccelytics Solutions
Many organizations do not have the visibility into current and future workforce gaps, resulting in the inability to efficiently execute business operations and strategy. Real-time visibility within one system which connects staffing plans throughout your organization.
The inability to build predictive modeling and/or relying on highly manual process to prepare what-if analysis. Implement a technology which provides varied what-if analysis, including market factors, merit increases, promotions, attrition rates, hiring rates, bonuses, and equity planning.
Disconnected staffing plans prevent aligning detailed staffing with Expense Forecasting & HR Workforce Management activities. Simple variance analysis questions are difficult or impossible to answer. Connected planning which facilitates collaborative enterprise-wide workforce planning activities with real-time high level and granular reporting of staffing and related compensation calculations, including project level staff forecasts. Each type of user only sees what they need to see to do their job, and landing dashboard is laser focused.
Disconnect between Departmental Hiring Forecasts and HR Recruiting activities result in persistent avoidable forecasting variances The ability to facilitate approvals for new hires, as well as tracking of HR requisitions and hiring states.
Complex compensation formulas are difficult to maintain and audit in Excel. Implement a technology which allows for the complexities and provides visibility into compensation calculations.

Accelytics ensures you receive the right solution based upon your business needs. Our certified Anaplan and Oracle team possesses decades of technical and functional experience. Contact us for a personalized consultation of your existing business and needs. Our expertise, experience, and products allow us to implement in a matter of weeks!

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