Accelerated Assessment for Anaplan Reps


Are you an Anaplan rep looking to close more deals in 2020 and reduce your customer sales cycle?

Accelytics Consulting is the partner to choose! We have created an Accelerated Assessment for Anaplan that reduces the overall sales cycle, eliminates added demos and reduces the cost to the client.

In this webinar on January 28th from 1-2pm CST, Accelytics Consulting will walk you through:

  • How we work with Anaplan reps to shorten the sales cycle to as little as 14 days
  • How our assessment eliminates the need for additional demos or POCs
  • An overview of our assessment: the analysis, benchmarking, client costs and ROI
  • Why this is a value added tool for Anaplan reps and each of your clients

We have a 100% success rate in securing new business when our assessment is utilized! This assessment is not only a value-added resource for you, but also your client.

Register for the webinar here >

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