Making the Case for Investing in Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

Making the Case for Investing in Trade Promotion Management

Is your organization thinking of ways to improve your trade promotion planning process? Are you struggling justifying the costs for consultants and technology to justify your trade promotion management solution? Join TPM expert Sean McNunn and the Accelytics team as they discuss the benefits of a TPM investment and outline why the juice is worth the squeeze.

Effective Trade Promotion Management is needed to spark consumers interest in your products and increase revenue

Acceltyics will outline the difference between Trade Promotion Planning and Trade Promotion Management. Additionally, the team will focus on why TPM is relevant and why companies effectively managing their TPM processes typically have a competitive advantage, better customer relationships, and higher revenue than their competitors.

Last, Accelytics will discuss how TPM should integrate with other cross functional silos such as sales, supply chain and finance.

Who should attend this webinar?

This webinar will focus on Trade Promotion Management for any consumer packaged goods or retail company.  Therefore, any executive who is interested in implementing a formalized Trade Promotion Management software and process are welcome. Additionally, anyone looking to learn more about Trade Promotion Management can expand their knowledge. This webinar is not intended for other consulting firms looking to compete with Acceltyics.

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