WEBINAR - Financial Consolidation Made Easy with Anaplan

Financial Consolidation Made Easy with Anaplan - 9/14/23 @ 1 PM EST

Join Accelytics Consulting & Anaplan for a dynamic, hands-on webinar and demo, where we dive financial consolidation and showcase how Anaplan can make consolidations a breeze!

By attending this webinar, we’ll show you how leveraging Anaplan can enable your organization to gain seamless integration capabilities, ensure data validation, perform complex intercompany eliminations, automate currency conversions, and streamline the entire process for efficiency and time saving.


Presenters will highlight:

- Explore how Anaplan integrates data and metadata from your ERP system, streamlining the financial consolidation process.

- Learn how Anaplan ensures data accuracy and integrity through comprehensive data validation techniques.

- Discover how foreign currency translation becomes a breeze with Anaplan's powerful functionalities.

- Uncover the secrets of efficient intercompany eliminations and how Anaplan simplifies this complex task.

- Gain insights into data collection schedules and journal entries management for a smooth consolidation workflow.

- Understand how Anaplan effortlessly incorporates newly acquired entities into the consolidation process.

- Discover the power of financial statement automation with Anaplan, saving time and improving accuracy.

- Learn why companies across industries have chosen Anaplan as their go-to solution for financial consolidation needs.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of financial consolidation with Anaplan.

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