Accelerated Technology and Process Analysis

Accelytics helps organizations minimize risk and maximize value during process optimization journeys focused around supply chain, finance and SPM.

Our Accelerated Technology and Process Analysis is complementary to qualified organizations and can be completed in as little as 2-weeks.

Our expert industry consultants work directly with key department heads to identify process challenges, the most impactful solutions and which technology systems will achieve the best results. We deliver a maturity curve analysis, implementation roadmap and ROI to justify project implementation.

At Accelytics, we deliver a whole process improvement blueprint - not just a technology solution.

What an organization can expect:

●     The analysis is free of charge - the only investment is our consultants travel fees

●     A complete analysis of current business processes and challenges

●    Customized solutions and process improvement recommendations for the organizations specific goals

●     A technology assessment ranking programs to address the specific business needs

●     An in-depth technology roadmap and implementation timeline

●     Support of our subject matter experts throughout the whole process

●     Less time and resources wasted with calls, meetings, demos and standard POCs.

Interested in an analysis for your organization? Email Ash Jain at

  • What are my core technology requirements?
  • Which technologies would work for my organization?
  • How will I implement this technology?
  • How will I protect and maintain my technology investment?
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