A consulting firm is only as good as its people at any given point in time. Accelytics was established to make organizational transformation fun, and rewarding. We strive to deliver solutions to clients via our team of experienced, innovative consultants.

To help people improve their quality of life at work by implementing solutions that make their daily jobs more efficient and less burdensome.

Our employees come from a broad range of backgrounds and expertise areas. Accelytics is comprised of planning experts across sales performance management, supply chain, and finance with experience that spans several verticals, as both practitioners and consultants.

We all share a passion for technology. As a result, all of our employees possess a unique skill set that makes them experts in business processes and enabling technologies for our respective fields.

Many of the Accelytics team members were responsible for preparing last-minute reports, creating what if, and executing planning processes at their previous jobs. We understand what it's like to work late hours due to gaps in business processes and technology. At Accelytics, we close business process gaps and use technology as a true enabler, so that our clients can achieve a healthy work-life balance, all while improving their organization's bottom line. We transform not only company processes, but we improve their people's lives. Accelytics clients work smarter, not harder.

leadership team
Ash Jain
Founder & CEO
  • Founded and built two consulting firms from the ground up
  • Over 20 years in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) expertise across multiple verticals
  • A former technology expert that has managed various iterations of Oracle and Anaplan implementations
  • A mix of consulting and industry experience
Joel Argo
SVP Anaplan & Business Process Optimization Practices
  • 18 years of experience in business process optimization and technology enablement across several verticals
  • Delivered multiple lifecycle implementations in SAP, JDA, and Anaplan environments
  • Proven track record of reducing costs and improving planning accuracy
  • A mix of consulting and industry experience in both leadership and execution capacity
Chris Louttit
Director of Supply Chain Practice
  • 25 years of global supply chain planning experience across multiple verticals
  • 15 years demand planning management execution spanning several technologies
  • 12 years working in the CPG industry as a director of supply chain and information technology
  • 15 years of business process optimization and technology implementations across JDA, Oracle, Tibco and Anaplan technologies
Kushal Gulati
  • 7+ years of experience as a functional and technical Sales Performance Management (SPM) subject matter expert with strong management consulting background
  • Specializes in understanding clients’ complex sales planning challenges, optimizing their business processes, and designing robust technical solutions tailored to their unique needs
  • Past experience has included roles as the functional lead and solution architect behind several enterprise-scale transformations for sales organizations among the Fortune 500 and 1000
  • A track record of successful delivery across a wide range of industries, use cases, and best-of-breed sales technologies

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