Sales Performance Management

Maximizing your salesforce’s potential demands an informed go-to-market strategy, an optimized execution plan, and the ability adapt in real time, yet far too often, companies struggle to enable truly effective Sales Planning.

Accelytics can help.

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Sales Enablement Offerings

Our team of dedicated Sales Performance experts can help your organization with the following services:

Territory Management
Territory Management

Define sales territories that optimize market coverage and put your sellers in the best possible position to succeed.

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Sales Target and Quota Setting
Target and Quota Setting

Assign sales targets strategically designed to motivate sellers while ensuring your business’s revenue goals are met.

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Sales Incentives and Compensation
Sales Incentives and Compensation

Automate commission payments that are always accurate, on-time, and reflective of an incentive strategy that optimizes how your compensation dollars are spent.

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Headcount and Capacity Planning
Headcount and Capacity Planning

Ensure your sales resources are allocated optimally to maximize your sales potential and identify coverage gaps before they become missed opportunities.

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sales planning and strategy enablement
Sales Planning & Strategy Enablement

Translate your high-level strategy into an informed and actionable execution plan by identifying quality prospects – and the right talent to pursue them – more reliably.

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sales forecasting solutions
Sales Forecasting

Gain transformative insights into your business through accurate, data-driven projections, and prepare your organization to rapidly course correct when things get off track.

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SPM Success Stories

Read about our Sales Performance customer success stories and see how these organizations transformed their enterprise with process optimization and technology enablement.

Citrix and Accelytics Case Study with Anaplan

Global Territory Planning and Quota Setting in Anaplan

Citrix partnered with Accelytics to streamline the Citrix Sales Strategy and Operations teams’ sales planning and operations cycles with Anaplan.

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Territory and Quota Management Planning with Anaplan

Accelytics helped Pitney Bowes improve their Territory and Quota Management with functionality and usability in Anaplan.

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Arlo Home Cameras

Reducing Out of Stocks with Effective Retail Planning

Accelytics helps Arlo to redue out of stocks through effective retail planning and improve customer service.

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Anaplan vs. SAP CallidusCloud

Download our free whitepaper that outlines sales compensation challenges and compares these leading software solutions to help your organization decide which platform may be better for your enterprise!


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