Headcount and Capacity Planning

Maximizing your sales potential means identifying market opportunities early and often, but companies struggle to identify resource constraints and hiring needs in time to respond.

Common Challenges

What we see in the market are the following challenges that we like to solve:

Headcount and Capacity Planning Gaps in Market Coverage

Suboptimal headcount allocations across sales territories and delayed visibility into gaps leads to missed sales revenue and market share.

Headcount and Capacity Planning Uneven Workload Distribution

Responsibilities are unbalanced among sellers and often excessive, leading to missed sales goals, inconsistent production, and high salesforce attrition.

Headcount and Capacity Planning Disconcected Sales Planning

Sales and HR functions are siloed and disconnected, leading to unforeseen headcount gaps and delayed hiring responses to market needs.

How Can Accelytics Help:


Accelytics helps clients enable critical analytical insights into workforce gaps and how to best use the resources available to address them, ensuring an equitable distribution of work that factors in each individual seller’s available capacity and the ability to dynamically redistribute it as market and resourcing needs change.


• Leverage cost models and what-if modeling to ensure resource plans align with desired sales coverage and  overall go-to-market strategy

• Enabler real-time visibility into workforce plans and costs among decision-makers and empower them to rapidly adjust resource plans as needed

• Use predictive insights to accurately forecast workforce demand and to assess the impact of potential changes in headcount and cost

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