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At Accelytics, our goal is to help companies create a connected enterprise by effectively connecting business processes, reducing silos, gaining insights from data, and enabling the process by using cutting -edge technology solutions.

The result is a collaborative, proactive organization that dynamically shifts to accommodate macro and microeconomic factors while reducing spend and achieving a high level of service to its customers.

Tech Partners

At Accelytics, we are business process experts that utilize technology to enable productivity and collaboration. Our goal is to leverage technology as a real enabler to support a business process to drive user adoption, reduce overhead, and reduce maintenance. Partnering with solutions, including Anaplan and Alteryx, allow our customers to harness the power of data science and connected planning. Both platforms are easy to use, collaborative and leaders in their respective industries.

Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and performance management platform that enables organizations to build, deploy, and maintain planning, budgeting, and forecasting models in a single platform.
Alteryx is a data analytics and business intelligence platform that enables users to easily and efficiently analyze, visualize, and share data insights that offer a wide array of features and tools.

A Connected Enterprise

Accelytics approaches each client with a process optimization mindset. With our business services and technology partnerships, we enable companies to connect their data and business processes across the enterprise to deliver multiple benefits that reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

Sales Performance Management

Working Alone or Together

Each of our technology solutions are valuable as stand-alone offerings, however, combining these two solutions is a powerful combination!
Current Anaplan users, as well as prospective clients, can benefit from the data-centric possibilities of Alteryx paired with the connected planning capabilities of Anaplan.

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“We are excited to partner with Alteryx and provide our customers with a robust automation tool to streamline analytics, machine learning, and data science processes. Our customers will enjoy a trifecta of Alteryx’s strength data prep/integration, Anaplan’s planning & forecasting capabilities, and Accelytics’ domain expertise in Finance, Supply Chain, and SPM!”
- Ash Jain, CEO

Anaplan Quick-Starts

Accelytics’ industry experts have created customizable, quick-start packages within Anaplan to deliver a planning solution that turns your data into actionable insights, enables collaboration, and increases efficiency across your organization.

These out-of-the-box solutions give you all the power of Anaplan with less investment and resources for rapid time to value.

Supply Chain Solutions
FP&A Solutions
FSI Solutions
SPM Solutions
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