Financial Services Solutions

Financial Services organizations are multidimensional enterprises that need connected solutions to meet customer demand, optimize organizational efficiencies and excel in their financial planning.

FSI Expertise

Our FSI and tech experts specialize in solutions throughout banking, insurance, real estate, private equity and wealth management. Anaplan can support these organizations with a variety of use cases, from financial planning to workforce to modeling.


Our solutions help banks streamline financial planning, manage risk, collaborate across the organization, meet compliance and track performance.


Accelytics provides custom solutions for insurance companies to forecast, manage risk, evaluate underwriting, optimize claims, track performance and enhance collaboration.

Real Estate

The custom or quick-start solutions can help to optimize the portfolio, allocate resources, plan scenarios, and minimize risk to enhance and streamline business performance.

Private Equity & Wealth Management

Our solutions help these firms quickly model complex scenarios, evaluate investment opportunities, and optimize their portfolio to mitigate risk and maximize returns.


FSI Quick-Start Packages

A secure, end-to-end, fully customizable planning solution that requires less time, energy and investment than a traditional Anaplan implementation.

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FSI Projects

Automated Incentive Compensation Management Solution with Anaplan
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Anaplan Incentive Compensation Management Solution for Global Financial Services Firm
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