Automated Incentive Compensation Management Solution with Anaplan

company overview

This organization is the world’s largest insurance broker and risk advisor, with operations in over 130 countries. They employ over 45,000 consultants throughout their network. It is a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 professional & financial services firm, which is the world’s largest insurance brokerage with revenue close to $20 billion.

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The Challenge

The company’s legacy process for administering their sales compensation plans in the US and Canada included a significant volume of manual offline calculations in order to accommodate specialized deal structures, year-over-year trailer payments, and individualized bonus payments with complex eligibility rules. The need for these time-consuming manual calculations significantly mitigated the value of existing technology investments, and created a significant administrative burden that led to widespread inefficiencies in their sales compensation strategy.

The Results

They were able to leverage Accelytics’ incentive calculation solution to eliminate an estimated 1500 hours of manual administrative effort every year and to significantly reduce overpayment risk. The business was able to reallocate administrative resources to greater value-add activities and was able to downscale its admin team by a full FTE, significantly lowering administrative spend. Accelytics is actively engaged as a partner at the enterprise and continues to provide guidance regarding the overall Anaplan footprint & strategy, advising in best practices around Center of Excellence (CoE) implementation and the company’s long-term connected planning roadmap.

The Solution

Accelytics partnered with this organization to implement an Anaplan-based solution to fully automate calculations of a wide range of special deals and payout structures. Accelytics engaged with key stakeholders throughout the enterprise to lead the necessary process redefinition effort and to re-architect their data integration approach. Accelytics assisted with change management efforts throughout, supporting the business with planning and execution of key communications & training development.

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