Retail Planning

We’re passionate about empowering merchants, planners, designers and IT practitioners to help them work smarter by getting the most out of their existing solutions and resources. We use Anaplan to connect these retail processes.

Gain Deep Insights on Customer Buying Preferences and Patterns
Strategically Assortment Plan to Increase Profits and Reduce Costs
Connect All of Your Retail Operations Effortlessly in One Platform
Improve Customer Service with Proper Retail Planning and Allocation

Retail Outlets

Retail spans various markets with unique challenges. We can help you with specific challenges in each of these outlets:

retail store solutions

Keep up with the fast moving market with instant data, accuracy and scenario planning for your stores and products.

whole sale retail solutions

Connect with your network to gain deep insights on customers, products, supply and demand.

Ecommerce planning solutions

Bridge the gaps between your organization and connect all facets of your retail planning.

grocery planning solutions

Align your assortment and merchandise plans for maximum ROI and connect your retail planning.

convenience store planning solutions

Gain a detailed look at your performance and end-to-end connections in your retail plan.

Omni channel retail planning solutions
Omni Channel

Manage your connections throughout all of your retail channels for maximum insights and revenue.


Retail Planning Success Stories

Learn more about our recent retail planning projects and use cases across a variety of industries.

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Retail Solutions

Our team specializes in these retail functions that present the most planning challenges:

assortment planning
Assortment Planning

Increase your profits and visibility into your customer's buying preferences, merchandise lifecycle, analytics and connection across your retail planning.

merchandise planning
Merchandise Planning

Merchandise Plan with data! Forecast with attributes and assumptions from multiple levels and hierarchies to maximize your sales.

store planning optimization
Store Planning

Understand your stores and channels with strategic insights, scenario planning and an instant connection to financial goals.

Retail Resources

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Assortment Planning - Planning for Calendar Shifts with Anaplan
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The Value of Planning Tools for Grocers and Retailers
The Value of Planning Tools for Grocers and Retailers
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merchandise planning for grocers
Merchandise Planning, Technology and Analytic Maturity for Grocers
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