Supply Chain Planning

When your business relies on accurate demand forecasting, and anticipating for economic shifts, our supply chain experts and Anaplan technology are a winning combination to give your business a strategic advantage.

Improve Accuracy with Data Driven
Statistical Forecasting
Forecasting that Connects and Drives
Other Business Departments
Scenario Planning for Strategic
Improved Service Levels for
Suppliers and Customers

Supply Chain Solutions

Our Supply Chain Experts specialize in business process optimization and technology enablement for the following areas:

demand planning from accelytics
Demand Planning & Sensing

Improve forecast accuracy and drive effective planning throughout your entire organization with an optimized demand planning process with technology enablement.

supply chain planning from accelytics
Supply Planning

Meet supply forecasts strategically and effectively by connecting departments, scenario planning in real-time and empowering collaboration across your organization.


Implement a strategic operations plan that assesses monthly or quarterly goals for strategic alignment throughout the key departments in your organization.

Inventory Planning & Optimization

Inventory Planning and Optimization is an essential piece from a financial aspect, but also service levels. Our experts can help build a better system to improve on all levels.

Customer & Supplier Collaboration
Customer & Supplier Collaboration

With a centralized data hub, communication throughout your supplier, vendor and customer network is efficient and straight forward.

Collaboration Throughout Organization
Collaboration Throughout Organization

Supply chain planning through Anaplan enables a connection other departments, driving visibility into new product development, retail, finance, sales and marketing.


Supply Chain Planning Success Stories

Learn more about our recent supply chain planning projects and use cases across a variety of industries.

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