Territory Management

Too frequently, companies leave sales revenue uncaptured because they fail to carve their market into territories that optimize coverage, cost, and talent.

Common Challenges

What we see in the market are the following challenges that we like to solve:

Territory Management - suboptimal market coverage

Territory structures and assignments fail to align with go-to-market strategy or fail to optimally allocate resources proportionally with opportunity value.

Territory Management - Unbalanced territories

Opportunity values are unevenly distributed across the salesforce, leading to uneven opportunity, workloads, and morale among sellers.

Territory Management - misallocated sales talent

Territory assignments are often arbitrary and fail to reflect the skillsets best equipped to close a particular account or opportunity.

How Can Accelytics Help:


Accelytics helps clients optimize their sales hierarchies and territory assignments to ensure available resources are being optimized to align with organizational objectives by enabling a transformative, analytics-based approach to making sure the right people are chasing the right deals in every situation.


• Rapidly deploy new territory definitions and assignments to align with evolving business needs

• Automate dynamic creation of sales territories based on the definitions most meaningful to your business

• Ensure territory assignments align the right sellers with the right opportunities

• Seamlesslyintegrate optimized  territory plans and insights with existing CRM and sales compensation technologies

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