Sales Planning and Strategy Enablement

Effectively defining your go-to-market strategy and having a plan to operationalize it can make or break your sales organization. That’s where our clients’ challenges with effective Sales Planning often begin. At Accelytics, we specialize in sales planning process optimization.

Common Challenges

What we see in the market are the following challenges that we like to solve:

Sales Planning Process Optimization - Missed Market Growth

Go-to-market strategies neglect high-value segments of the overall addressable market or otherwise fail to maximize ROI of sales resources.

Sales Planning Process Optimization - Mis Prioritizing Prospects

Without intelligence indicating the likeliness of a deal to close and the overall quality of a customer, sellers fail to effectively prioritize their sales pursuits.

Sales Planning Process Optimization - Manually Intensive Planning Cycles

Enabling your sales organization’s individual functions to align with high-level strategic goals can be heavily manual and inefficient.

How Can Accelytics Help:


Accelytics helps clients enable a transformative data-driven approach to defining their go-to-market strategies by equipping them with the intelligence to determine the most valuable segments of their respective addressable markets and with the tools to dynamically align downstream sales functions once that optimized strategy is in place.


• Identify the most valuable segments of your market to strategically target

• Provide sellers with critical insights into prospective customers’ propensity to buy

• Track ROI for specific promotions and sales initiatives to inform more effective allocation of resources

• Automate key operational functions and dynamically reconstruct data structures as business needs evolve

• Work closely with your sales team to address process challenges and optimize a new workflow for sales planning success

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