Sales Forecasting

Sales organizations are often left unprepared by inaccurate projections unable to adjust when things don’t go quite according to plan.

Common Challenges

What we see in the market are the following challenges that we like to solve:

Sales Forecasting Challenge - Inaccurate sales projections

High degrees of variance between sales forecasts and results inhibits consistent revenue production and effective decision making by leadership.

Sales Forecasting Challenge - Lagging Analytics

Lack of access to real-time sales results and other market indicators drives delayed visibility to critical market and performance insights.

Sales Forecasting Challenge - Inflexible Tools

Forecasting tools struggle to adapt to changes in market needs & conditions and limit the ability for agile course correction when needed.

How Can Accelytics Help:


Accelytics helps clients rethink their forecasting methodologies & technologies to make the best possible use of the data they have available and pivot to a more analytics-driven brand of decision making. With more accurate projections and the ability to react when conditions change, our solutions help ensure our clients are as prepared as possible to achieve their targets in any market scenario.


• Streamline data-driven top-down and bottom-up methodologies for maximum forecast accuracy

• Equip decision makers with real-time analytics and benchmarking  tools to make informed decisions and adjust forecasts on the fly

• Analyze trends and performance across time and multiple scenarios for each unique segment of your market

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