Whitepaper: Anaplan vs. SAP CallidusCloud for Incentive Compensation Management

Anaplan vs. SAP Commissions (formerly CallidusCloud) for Incentive Compensation Management

This whitepaper outlines the key differentiators between Anaplan and SAP Commissions, specifically for Incentive Compensation Management (ICM).

You will find a detailed comparison outlining how Anaplan and SAP Commissions differ in a sales performance management setting.

Written by Kushal Gulati, Director - SPM Practice:

Kushal is a functional and technical Sales Performance Management (SPM) subject matter expert that has deep knowledge in both Anaplan and SAP Sales solutions. He specializes in understanding clients’ complex sales planning challenges, optimizing their business processes, and designing robust technical solutions tailored to their unique needs. His experience has spanned a wide range of industries, use cases, and technologies, and has included roles as the functional lead and solution architect behind several successful enterprise-scale transformations for sales organizations among the Fortune 500 and 1000. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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