Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder (JDA): From a Business Perspective Whitepaper


Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder: From a Business Perspective

If you're reviewing supply chain planning software, Anaplan and Blue Yonder are probably on your list! Accelytics' consultant and 20-year JDA veteran, Chris Louttit, dives into a comparison of these two software solutions from a supply chain planning business perspective.

This whitepaper compares:
• Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder's Demand Forecasting and Statistical Modeling Capabilities
• Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder's Supply Planning Models and Process
• Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder's S&OP Functions

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Check out our other comparison, Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder: For the CIO, discussing main differences from an IT perspective.

anaplan vs. blue yonder whitepaper
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