Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder (JDA): Comparison for the CIO


Anaplan vs. Blue Yonder (JDA): Comparison for the CIO

Are you evaluating planning software options? We know there are many factors involved in selecting the right technology to improve your processes and add lasting success to your company. When it comes to Anaplan vs Blue Yonder (JDA), there are some significant differences between the capabilities, costs and risks.

With this whitepaper, we will outline the key differentiators between the two platforms from an IT perspective. This high level comparison outlines the architecture, IT costs, employee costs, software benefits, ROI and more, with the CIO's role in mind.

The whitepaper is written by a long time, 20-year JDA software veteran that has transitioned to Anaplan. Get your free copy today! Add your details to the form below to have a copy sent via email.

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