Anaplan as a Tool for Digital Finance Transformation

Accelytics’ CEO, Ash Jain, sits down with finance experts, Mike Newberry and Steven Gnatovich, to discuss current financial topics and challenges in the market. 

Anaplan as a Tool for Digital Finance Transformation

Our three experts have experience with multiple financial planning systems, from both consulting and industry roles. Their careers have led them to partner with Anaplan, a modeling planning tool that is cloud-based, collaborative and flexible. In this discussion, Accelytics’ leaders share their thoughts on why Anaplan is the best tool for a digital financial transformation journey.


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The Anaplan Platform 

Anaplan is a beautiful lightweight modeling engine that is low to no code and extremely user-friendly. As a cloud-based system, there is little need for IT involvement. The planners and business users are the ones actually owning the models within the business. Anaplan allows the team to really understand complicated models and improve productivity. 



Efficiency and productivity are two additional benefits the Anaplan tool can bring to your organization. When implementing Anaplan, your organization can say goodbye to passing Excel sheets back and forth and gathering data from other business units. 

Within Anaplan, you can set up different mechanisms, automations and forms to get the data you need, without the manual work. When you’re in your budgeting period, completing a formal forecast or running ad-hoc analysis, time is critical, and we often see the end product affected due to the amount of manual effort needed to gather the data. Anaplan can solve this challenge.


Evolves with Organization

With experience using legacy systems, you’re often stuck with an application once it’s created and if something needs changed or added, sometimes you need to scratch it and start over. With Anaplan, you can continue to add attributes and dimensionality for the needs of your business as you mature utilizing the tool. If you invest in an application that can’t change with your business, you will be back in Excel.

With Anaplan, you can start simple and grow as your business evolves.


In every organization it's very important to gather data from different organizations and Anaplan does that very well, which, in the future, can be helpful for creating more sophisticated modeling. 

For example, variance reporting is one of the Anaplan platform's greatest strengths, and it naturally rolls up entities automatically. With Anaplan you have the flexibility to keep adding attributes and other sets of dimensionality, to keep on the business. Thanks to that, you can just start and keep evolving to get more visibility, while utilizing the tool. It's a very agile tool, and that's the beauty of it. 

Time to Implement

Anaplan’s platform can be customized for your organization's needs in as little as 12-16 weeks, which other systems just can't compete with. Speed to implement is extremely valuable and can save companies valuable time and resources.  

With all of Anaplan’s benefits, you can see why it is helping to digitally transform financial planning, analysis and reporting within organizations. This platform offers high ROI and a competitive advantage. In as little as 12 weeks, you could be starting your transformation!

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