ASR Group - Accurately Managing Spend with Zero Based Budgeting

company overview

ASR Group (American Sugar Refining, Inc) is a large cane sugar refining company with a production capacity of 6.5 million tons of sugar. Founded in 1998, ASR’s history dates back to the late 1700s. The company produces a full line of consumer, industrial, food service, and specialty sweetener products under the companies Domino Sugar, C&H Sugar, Redpath Sugar, Tate, and Lyle Sugars. ASR employees 5,000 employees globally and generates $500 million in revenue annually.

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The Challenge

ASR recently launched a global initiative to begin looking into improving its technology landscape globally. As part of this initiative, there was a direct need to implement a zero-based budgeting process to effectively manage spend and ensure every dollar is working for the company. ASR’s process was extremely time consuming due to planning Excel and integrating multiple data sources. The internal collaboration was also a challenge as Excel spreadsheets were being emailed to each user then expenses were manually aggregated. Last, scenario planning was challenging as several copies of the Excel spreadsheets had to be updated and saved. Therefore, by the time the scenario was reviewed, the data was already irrelevant.

The Results

ASR had one consolidated place to enter budgets for the ZBB process. Additionally, scenario planning was enabled in real-time. Last, ASR could efficiently actualize KPIs and budgets to figure out how accurately their spend projections were. Data latency was significantly reduced Post implementation, ASR increased budget accuracy by up to 13% in some cases. Real time calculations allow ASR to determine if budgets are exceeded.

The Solution

After evaluating Oracle PBCS in the Cloud and Host Analytics, ASR selected Anaplan as the tool to execute their ZBB process. As the preferred implementation partner, Accelytics worked alongside ASR to optimize and implement their ZBB process. Accelytics implemented Anaplan to execute the process and drive collaboration across the organization.

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