Orange Lake Resorts - Increase Collaboration and Improved Financial Planning with Anaplan

company overview

Opened in 1982, Orange Lake Resorts is a vacation rental and timeshare provider that encompasses 28 resorts and 7,600 villas in the U.S.,with more than 350,000 timeshare owners. The company provides amenities such as eight dining options, four golf courses, activities, seven pools, fitness centers and daily shuttles to the surrounding parks. Today, Orange Lake is a fully owned subsidy of Holiday Inn Club Vacations that employs 5,000 employees and achieves $1B in revenue.

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The Challenge

Orange Lake Resorts had no visibility the forecasts and budgets for each property at the corporate level as all properties owned and managed their profit and loss (P&L) budgets independently. This created a reactive planning process at the corporate level and created disconnects in spend and revenue expectations. This led to inaccurate forecasts and spend projections across all properties and caused staffing issues internally due to inaccurate workforce plans.

The Results

Via the Anaplan solution, Orange Lake was able to reduce their reliance on Microsoft Excel and work within one single platform to drive collaboration across all properties as the budget needed to be created, modified and rebalanced. Orange Lake also was able to better control spend and establish revenue targets at the corporate level for its daily operations. This led to a controlled budget for workforce planning as well as a reduction in planning cycle time.

The Solution

Accelytics built a centralized consolidated corporate budget and reporting model that is scalable and onto a single platform. In addition, Accelytics revamped Orange Lake's workforce planning process to a standardized process that pushed the properties to plan in a uniform manner. Anaplan was implmented to drive collaboration from the corporate office down and enable real time scenario planning.

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