PulteGroup - Feasibility Tool in Anaplan Helps Deliver Projects Ahead of Schedule

company overview

PulteGroup is a home construction company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is the 3rd largest home construction and real estate development company in the United States, based on the number of homes closed. PulteGroup operates in 44 markets in 23 states with over 5,000 employees nationwide.

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The Challenge

PulteGroup was using a Feasibility Study Management tool built on Microsoft Silverlight technology. Microsoft had set the support end date for Silverlight to be in October 2021, which left PulteGroup needing a new platform for their Feasibility Tool and project analysis.

The Results

After implementation, PulteGroup was able to utilize a developed Feasibility Tool model in Classic and the NUX (new user interface) for capturing the input drivers that define a community by product line. With this, a workflow process can now be applied with the ability to freeze a project after review and for approval. In addition, this gave PulteGroup the ability to manage, control, copy and report on feasibility (community subsets) scenarios, which significantly enhanced the end user experience and workflow process.

Overall, project timeliness and budget stewardship have increased, as the team constantly delivers projects ahead of schedule. PulteGroup was able to transition smoothly to the new Anaplan software without interruption in their project planning.

The Solution

With the ability to customize processes, apply functionality and migrate all workflow processes under one accessible platform across the company, Anaplan was the selected technology solution to help transform PulteGroup’s FP&A Feasibility Tool.

Anaplan partnered with Accelytics to construct various Financial Reports, Supporting Schedules, and Administrative securities within Anaplan. For IT specific files, data flow processes, cadence, and procedures, the team developed the deliverables for exporting data sets to reporting applications using the Anaplan API (Application Programing Interface).

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