Rexall - Anaplan FP&A Model Size Reduction, Optimization and Enhancement

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Rexall, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is a leading drugstore operator with over 400 pharmacies across Canada. Rexall provides pharmacy care, daily living products, mail-order pharmacy services, and specialized clinical care. Founded in 1904, Rexall has evolved from apothecary-type drugstores to modern community pharmacies and is a proud member of the global McKesson Corporation family.

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The Challenge

Rexall implemented Anaplan to facilitate Financial Budgeting with a previous consultancy and wanted to expand into Financial Forecasting with expanded timescales. Their current model was too large to allow for these changes and also contained formula logic that was inefficient and difficult to troubleshoot.

Rexall was looking for an optimized FP&A Anaplan model with additional functionality that could be easily maintained as they grow and add additional stores.

The Results

After a 10-week transformation, Rexall was able to use their model to budget and forecast across an expanded time horizon. Formula complexity in the model was reduced and converted to a standard format to make it easier for client model builders to understand and troubleshoot. This expanded functionality was also formatted for successful integration with their financial system of record.

The Solution

With the need to expand their current model to support Forecasting functionality, the Accelytics team needed to reduce the existing model size, while keeping all Budgeting functionality. After a model analysis, Accelytics identified the modules and line items in the FP&A model that could be reduced and restructured in order to reduce model size.

Next, Accelytics began a formula logic optimization to eliminate the complex and unnecessary formulas currently being used, creating more efficient, scalable and easy to understand formulas.

Once the model optimization was complete, the additional FP&A model functionality was built to include forecasting over a different year. Accelytics worked closely with Rexall model builders throughout the project to ensure the model can be run effectively internally.

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