Schindler Elevator Rises to the Next Level with Anaplan FP&A Models

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Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, Schindler Elevator Corporation is the North American operating entity of the Switzerland-based Schindler Group. Schindler is one of the leading global manufacturers of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Schindler employs over 6,000 people in more than 160 locations in North America.

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The Challenge

Schindler Elevator was using over 450 Excel spreadsheets to set up and harvest their financial data, leaving them the ability to only create one detailed budget per year. Their key forecast enablers took weeks to turn around, leading to outdated trends and diminished value once end-users completed their edits. These trends also had a very narrow scope.

In addition to these struggles, the slow moving process was not able to produce shorter term insights to adapt with market fluctuations. In other words, the business process, which was created to support a 12-24 month view, was structurally unable to respond to shorter-term, often geographic and/or product specific market disruption.

The Results

After the first phase of the Anaplan implementation, Schindler Elevator was able to budget and forecast in a matter of hours compared to months and have aggregated forecasts in real-time. Accuracy and data standards have improved across their 65 district P&Ls and collaboration has increased.

The model allows for flexible stratification metrics calculated instantly, which gives them a granular understanding of near and long term revenue & margin trends.

The Solution

With the ability to customize processes and migrate all of their spreadsheets under one platform that could be accessed across the company, Anaplan was the selected technology solution to help transform Schindler’s FP&A processes.

Accelytics implemented Revenue & Margin Planning, Payroll Analytics, Cost Center Expense Planning, Workforce Planning and Allocations within Anaplan for Phase 1 of the project. For payroll and HR specific files, confidentiality and security was added. An integration with SAP was also included to share data across the systems.

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