SPX Flow - CAPEX Planning and Approval Workflow in Anaplan

company overview

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW is an industrial manufacturer of rotating, actuating and hydraulic technologies, as well as automated process systems, for food and beverage and industrial markets. As well as manufacturing the systems, their services also include onsite start-up support and repair services, to precisely engineer solutions and complete integrated packages. SPX FLOW generates approximately $1.5 billion in annual revenues with operations in more than 30 countries and sales in more than 100 countries.

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Industrial Products
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The Challenge

SPX FLOW was using a convoluted Excel spread sheet to submit and manage request for financial projects and capital expenditures. The process required many steps, manual approval and manual correspondences, which had low user adoption due to its difficulty.

SPX FLOW was looking for a workflow approval technology that could streamline their capital investment requests.

The Results

With Anaplan, SPX Flow is seeing a high user adoption rate with the easy user access and one streamlined platform for all requests. Requests are being submitted more frequently, and in less time, by users and business departments. Approval requests are sent automatically to the right people, allowing management to make quicker strategic decisions on investments.

The Solution

SPX FLOW chose Anaplan as a technology partner to enable their capital investment workflow process. All three teams, Accelytics, Anaplan and SPX FLOW, worked closely together to complete this project on an expedited timeline.

The Anaplan workflow model allows for a simple user interface, where employees can submit an idea that is managed and hierarchically approved for funding. This system allows for easy user access, one streamlined platform for all requests, and automatic access to the correct approval personnel. Once an idea is approved, detailed inputs can be added to build out the project needs.

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