TMX Finance - Hyperion Helps Home Lender Manage Spend and Assets

company overview

TMX Finance is the privately held parent company of TitleMax, TitleBucks, EquityAuto Loan, and InstaLoan. The company provides collateral loans to individuals with limited access to traditional consumer financing. TMX has headquarters in Savannah, GA and Dallas, TX overseeing operations in over 1,000 stores located in 17 different states with a combined loaned receivable of over $700 million.

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The Challenge

TitleMax had implemented seven different point of sale (POS) systems which all had different data architectures and definitions. This caused a slew of data integrity issues making the data unusable and unreconcilable. As a result, basic planning functions such as reconciling financial spend, budgeting projected spend and planning for revenue were extremely difficult.

Additionally, the company’s management focused on operationally defined metrics to run the day to day business and report internally, but the financial metrics were defined based on GAAP and other legal definitions which caused more internal confusion and let do misalignment. To offset this, everyone planned in Excel in Silos.

The Results

TMX had a full FP&A solution to help them better manage data, execute their budgeting process and measure historical performance. Due to this improvement TMX saw a 40% reduction in planning cycle time and better budget attainments for several general ledger accounts. Last, TMX had a more balanced spend portfolio due to the increased visibility their Oracle solution provided.

The Solution

TMX partnered with Accelytics to improve their business processes for FP&A, define metrics and implement Oracle Hyperion as an enabler to execute. The Accelytics team ensured that the data was consistent and proactively managed between POS systems, existing reporting, data warehouses and the new Hyperion Essbase solution.

From a process perspective Accelytics leveraged their proprietary Accelerated approach to redefine TMX’s financial planning and budgeting processes to maximize user’s contribution and create KPIs that could be used to not only measure performance but be leveraged to make decisions.

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