Use Case Expansion in Anaplan for Sales and Marketing Insights at a Leading CPG Beverage Manufacturer

company overview

This multinational drink company and brewer is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was formed in 2005 through a Canadian and US merger. The company employs over 16,000 people across their network. It is a publicly traded company on both the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.

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The Challenge

The client was already utilizing the Anaplan platform when they partnered with Accelytics. Anaplan was being used for several use cases across multiple teams, but required some support to troubleshoot issues, train new users, and add new functionality to existing models. 

The company was transitioning to a new forecasting methodology, as well as a new ERP system, which required a new master data integration and use case development. The requested use cases included: disaggregating their forecast to a new hierarchy level, and to move away from the Excel files they were using to adjust sales targets and forecasting marketing investment.

The Results

These new use cases resulted in multiple benefits for the organization. The disaggregation model allows for multiple levels of complex disaggregation to occur automatically on a scheduled basis, and then exports the final forecast to the client’s ERP system. Data validation reports are available for reviewing if any variances exist, or if any data requires mapping, making troubleshooting very easy.

The sales target planning model is automated to import the disaggregated forecast output from the disaggregation model every month to act as a basis for sales targets. Different groups of end-users have access to different levels of the territory hierarchy for adjusting. The adjustments made at a higher level are then pushed down for the next user’s review and adjustment. Since this is all happening in Anaplan, it has removed the need to email out each territory group’s file to multiple users before receiving a final version and then consolidating the files. It has made the target planning process smoother and quicker, and all in one place. 

The marketing solution standardizes the way the client’s investment in marketing is being forecasted and replaces the multiple region-specific Excel files previously being used. All the region-specific Excel files were manually consolidated before importing into the ERP system. This is now happening automatically in Anaplan, saving time and reducing the risk of typos and human errors.

Anaplan continues to be the tool of choice for the client as they continue to invest in other use cases. 

The Solution

Accelytics analyzed the current Anaplan model to help with troubleshooting and optimization for new use cases. As the new use cases were built, user acceptance testing was performed, documentation was provided, and training was completed for all end-users and admins. 

The following new use cases were built:

1. A disaggregation model was implemented that took the original demand plan forecast at a higher level and disaggregated it to a lower level for the Finance team to adjust. Once adjustments were entered, the forecast was then disaggregated to an even lower level for export to the new ERP system.

2. A sales target planning model was created to allow for the adjustment of sales targets by month at various levels of the territory hierarchy. 

3. A new marketing solution was implemented to allow for forecasting marketing investment dollars by multiple dimensions like Region, Brand, Project, Distributor, and General Ledger Category. This tool also has multiple reports that allow for comparisons to budget, display top brands by volume and investment, and user-specific reports for the 3 main user roles: Admin, Regional Finance, and Field Marketing.

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