Accelytics + Fluence

Closing the loop with consolidation and connected planning for the office of the CFO.

Adding the Power of Fluence for Close & Consolidations

alteryx seamless data integration
Excel Interface with Automations and Transparency
alteryx enriched forecasting capabilities
Scalable Platform to Integrate with Divisions, Merges and Acquisitions
alteryx advanced analytics capabilities
Workflow and Automations for Collaboration & Fast Reporting
alteryx improved decision making
Audit Trails, Built-In Consolidation Models and a Single Source of Truth

What is Fluence Technology?

Fluence Technology is a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Financial Close and Consolidation Solutions. This technology revolutionizes consolidation by employing advanced algorithms to streamline data gathering and organization in a cloud-based platform build to scale with your business. This cutting-edge solution eliminates redundancies, reduces errors, and accelerates consolidation timelines.

Experience efficiency and innovation with Fluence, empowering organizations to make informed decisions confidently and unlock unparalleled insights in the consolidation process.

Our solution partners, Anaplan and Fluence, work perfectly in harmony, or on their own. By adding Fluence to an Anaplan eco-system, the office of the CFO gets entire visibility into their consolidations and closing.

Core Advantages of Fluence

alteryx's data integration capabilities

Easy to Use

Fluence is an out-of-the box software for financial consolidation. It’s quick to roll out and easy for your finance team to own using the Excel interface.
alteryx data visualization capabilities

Dynamic Engine

Fluence has tech built in, including workflows, automations, control and transparency for complete data confidence and faster processing.
alteryx's advance analytics capabilities

Close & Consolidation

Fluence's platform is specifically created to improve and optimize the close and consolidations process.
gain deep insights from your data with alteryx


Fluence's cloud-based software is built to scale and grow with added tech stacks, mergers, acquisitions and new reporting needs.

Anaplan + Fluence

Anaplan and Fluence work in harmony to give your organization access to best-in-class planning and
consolidations solutions that are built to scale. Accelytics is the first partner in the Anaplan ecosystem offering Fluence!

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