Quick-Start Solution Packages

Out-of-the-Box, Customizable Anaplan Solution Packages for Supply Chain, Finance, Banking and Sales.

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Benefits of a Quick-Start Package

Reduced Implementation
Time for Rapid Time to Value
Less Investment of Time, Money & Resources
All the Advanced Capabilities and
Features of Anaplan
Perfect for Hypergrowth and Scaling Businesses that Need a Solution, Fast

Jumpstart Your Planning

Accelytics’ industry experts have created customizable, quick-start packages within Anaplan to deliver a planning solution that turns your data into actionable insights, enables collaboration, and increases efficiency across your organization - without the financial, time and resource burden of a standard deployment.

Quick-Start Packages:

Supply Chain
Our supply chain experts have created two quick-start packages, including Demand Planning and S&OP. If you're looking to achieve ROI through supply chain planning, these solutions can fast-track your organization.

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Traditional, rigid finance solutions no longer support today's connected, digital landscape. Our XP&A packages help erase silos in a connected, cloud-based environment to keep data consistent, accurate and automated.

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Regional Banks
Set your regional bank processes up for success! Our quick-starts deliver data centralization in a governed environment with security, audit trails, standardization, and scalability.

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Sales Performance
Accelytics’ sales performance experts created customizable, quick-starts for Sales Forecasting and Territory & Quota Planning to improve your sales effectiveness. Turn your data into actionable insights, enable collaboration, and increase efficiency across your sales organization.

View Sales Forecasting Sales Sheet

View Territory & Quota Sheet
Navigate the complex compliance and consolidations process of insurance with Anaplan! Our quick-start packages will help you maximize your financial processes, gain valuable insights from data, and enable collaboration across the whole organization without a lengthy and costly implementation.

View Sales Forecasting Sales Sheet (coming soon)
Real Estate
Get all the power of Anaplan’s scenario planning, forecasting, collaboration and real-time data calculations with our Real Estate quick-start packages! Reporting, data aggregation and project planning becomes a breeze within the powerful cloud-based app that connects your key business functions.

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Cloud-Based, Secure Platform
Completely Customizable with Easy User Interface & No Coding
Advanced Modeling and Forecasting Capabilities
Detailed Analytics and KPIs to Analyze and Track Performance

Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and performance management platform that enables organizations to build, deploy, and maintain planning, budgeting, and forecasting models in a single platform. It is hosted on a secure, cloud-based platform that enables collaboration across your enterprise, gain a granular look at your business and turn your data into insights.

Most Anaplan deployments are a custom process that takes at least 12 weeks. With our pre-built quick-starts, your organization receives an advanced model that has all the main features of our Supply Chain, FInance and Sales models. These modules can be customized and expanded for your organization's individual needs.

With our quick-start packages, you get the same powerful solution, only faster, with less time and resources.

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