Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis

Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis: Revolutionizing Your Organizations Supply Chain, Finance and Sales Planning Processes

Our Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis (TPA) is a strategic, step-by-step process that puts each client first to learn their unique needs and deliver an analysis on process optimization opportunities and technology enablement for supply chain, finance and sales. Within a short, 2-week time frame, Accelytics can assess the current state of your business processes, benchmark against your competition, create a maturity curve and deliver an agnostic technology review with the best fit for your business. We utilize your business's data to produce an ROI analysis, reports and KPIs to justify the technology solutions.

The Accelerated TPA Philosophy

This assessment is a comprehensive business analysis performed by our experts that is focused around 3 core steps :

●     Learning – to understand the client processes, goals and technology

●     Analyzing  – client needs and using their data into a gap assessment

●     Optimizing – creating a strategic process and roadmap tailored to the business

Analysis Deliverables

●   Identify gaps and areas of opportunity, outline the root cause and propose solutions.

●   Rank each proposed solution based on business impact and ease of implementation.

●   Map the current state of your processes and conduct benchmarking analysis and create an organization maturity curve.

●   Create a technology assessment comparing key players on the Gartner Magic Quadrant and recommend the best fit.

●   Create a process and technology implementation roadmap and project plan.

●   Conduct ROI analysis using actual client data, reports, and KPIs to justify the path forward.

How the Analysis Works

The Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis can be completed in a matter of two weeks and provides a complete case for implementing connected planning. Our consultants meet with the company’s decision makers and heads of each department to learn the business process, goals, technology and opportunities.

Once we learn about the business, we use the business's data to determine performance, shortcomings, compare their processes with their competition and benchmark which functional areas are the highest impact areas to focus on. There are no standardized, out-of-the box demos with us!

After the benchmarking, a maturity curve is prepared to determine current performance and where high performance lies. A process roadmap and technology evaluation are presented next. The technology evaluation will enable the client to see the main connected planning solutions on the market and how each one will fit their unique goals. We will identify risks and data readiness with the best solution for your business.

Last, we develop an ROI analysis with the company’s own data that provides a full picture of how the software investment will directly affect the company’s performance. Utilizing the company’s own data and specific requirements, we are able to custom tailor a technology solution that builds a real-life case to transform their business.

Value Added for Our Clients

Accelytics provides our clients with the data, analytics and solution requirements to paint a full picture of the business and what the project will entail. In short, we help you minimize risk and maximize value during your technology search. We work with each client closely to create a strong, trusting foundation and partnership to build on throughout every stage of the sales cycle.

What a client can expect:

●     Low investment - the assessment is free! Travel cost of our consultants is the only fee.

●     Data driven benchmarking and analysis of high concern areas.

●     A deep understanding of your business with customized demos that target your goals.

●     A clear technology roadmap and implementation timeline.

●     Support of our subject matter experts throughout the whole process.

●     Less time and resources wasted with calls, meetings, demos and standard POCs.

Not only is our analysis used to establish the best technology for a business's needs, but it can also be utilized after a planning solution has been implemented. If your technology isn't meeting your business needs or you are maxing out your workspace, we use the assessment to determine areas of opportunity and improvement for current models and usage.

With the core philosophy being universal, the assessment is used for all of our expertise areas, including supply chain, FP&A and SPM.


Successful Analysis

Accelytics has prepared successful analysis for companies, including Sleep Number, WATTS, Iridim and Daiichi-Sankyo.

For WATTS Water Technology, our analysis identified several opportunities within their business and data structure that needed integration, connection and improvement. By utilizing Anaplan, they were able to optimize their demand planning, reduce working capital and improve their overall service.

You can read the full case study here.  

Ready to Put our Analysis to the Test?

Looking for a trusted partner with hundreds of years of industry experience? Let Accelytics put our expertise to the test for free to deliver a full analysis and ROI of how our solutions can improve your bottom line.

Contact Ash Jain, CEO, at or Joel Argo, SVP Anaplan and Business Process Optimization Practices at for more information.

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