Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis

Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis: Identifying Opportunities in Supply Chain, Finance and Sales Planning Processes

Accelytics’ Technology and Process Analysis (TPA) is a deep-dive study to help clients determine how to optimize their supply chain, sales and financial planning processes to gain a competitive advantage, improve the bottom line and run more efficiently. In as little as two weeks, Accelytics can identify how clients can plan their business operations more effectively, develop technology requirements necessary for process improvement and create a cost justified roadmap for change.

With the TPA, Accelytics has helped numerous clients, across all verticals, gain insight on how to gain a true competitive advantage with a significant ROI.

The Accelerated TPA Philosophy

This study is a comprehensive business analysis performed by our experts that is focused around 3 core steps :

●     Learning – to understand the client processes, goals and technology

●     Analyzing  – identifying client goals, opportunities and process improvements

●     Optimizing – creating a strategic process and technology roadmap tailored to the business

“The TPA was more insightful than we thought. We were able to connect with other departments and fully understand how our efforts effect theirs, and understand how connecting our processes with theirs, can truly help improve our overall efficiency as an organization” -VP of Supply Chain

How the Analysis Works

The Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis can be completed in a matter of two weeks and provides a cost justified, real value assessment of planning optimization opportunities. First, two consultants meet with the company’s decision makers and heads of each department to learn the business process, goals, technology and opportunities through a series of workshops. The schedule is detailed and only requires certain people at certain times.

The current business processes and technology functions are mapped out and the targeted business processes are benchmarked against the competition using APQC, internal databases and Accelytics’ knowledge base to create competitor best-in-class benchmarks. Accelytics then identifies gaps, outlines the client’s efficiencies and shortcomings by comparing against the benchmarked scores. The low benchmarks signal functional gaps that we find and offer solutions for.

The two consultants propose a new optimized process map with sustainable actions and technical requirements needed. An impact analysis is conducted based on the ease of implementation and ROI to create an implementation roadmap. Once all of the processes and analysis is complete, the consultants give an executive presentation outlining the findings and allow the team to ask questions.


●  Mapping and outlining the current business processes

●  Identifying gaps and areas of opportunity in the current processes

●   Benchmarking against competition and scoring of each solution based on business impact and ease of implementation

●   Determining the root issues and proposing solutions for each challenge

●   Creating an organization maturity curve to determine current performance

●   Outlining new process framework with technology implementation roadmap and business process prioritization


●  Benchmark analysis

●   Agnostic technology assessment comparing key players on the Gartner Magic Quadrant and recommending best fit

●   GAP prioritization mapping

●   Technology implementation roadmap

●   An ROI analysis using actual client data, reports, and operational KPIs for value realization and project justification

“The TPA process was an unexpected surprise. I have paid other firms hundreds of thousands of dollars to accomplish what Accelytics completed free of charge, we also realized this value in week vs. months as well.” -Supply Chain Operations Director

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