Supply Chain Planning Journey with Anaplan - Customer Panel Discussion and Demand Planning Demo

Supply Chain Planning Journey with Anaplan - Customer Panel Discussion and Demand Planning Demo

In today's volatile economic market, it's important to find the tools and strategies to stay ahead of your competition. In this on-demand session, Accelytics sits down with two customers, Watts Water and Sleep Number, to discuss their supply chain planning journey with Anaplan over the past few years. Our customers discuss their initial supply chain challenges, their solution selection, the Anaplan journey from implementation to expansion, and how their organization has evolved with the solution. Get insights directly from our panelists!

After the panel, the session transitions to a hands-on demand planning demonstration, highlighting basic to advanced features, and use-cases our customer panel has implemented at their own organizations. Learn how the demand planning solution works, and how demand planners can improve productivity and forecast on a granual level. This hour will show you the power of Anaplan for supply chain!

customer supply chain panel with accelytics

The panel features a combined 90 years of supply chain expertise:

  • Chris Louttit, Senior Director of Supply Chain at Accelytics Consulting
  • Patrick Bian, VP of Supply Chain at Watts Water Technologies
  • Brendon Schumacher, Former Senior Analyst at Sleep Number (Currently Consulting Manager at Accelytics)
  • Eric Lange, Principal Solutions Consultant for Supply Chain with Anaplan

Featured Customers:

Watts Water Technologies is a leading manufacturer of water quality solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications. You can read their detailed case study here.

Sleep Number is a leader in mattress and bedding manufacturing, with operations spanning across manufacturing, e-commerce and retail stores. You can read their case study here.

What you'll learn in the panel discussion from 2:00 - 29:24:

  • Our customer's supply chain planning challenges
  • Why they selected Anaplan for their supply chain planning solution
  • Benefits and operational changes each organization saw due to Anaplan
  • Why and how the organizations have scaled and evolved with Anaplan
  • Learning about the expansion into Anaplan PlanIQ AI and ML capabilities

What you'll learn in the demand planning demo from 30:05 - 54:55:

  • General overview of Anaplan and the Demand Planning Dashboard
  • Alerts, Exception Management and Biases
  • Statistical Forecasting in Anaplan
  • PlanIQ AI / ML Capabilities
  • Demand Planner capabilities within the program
  • Outlier Corrections and Adjustments
  • Promotions Planning
  • New Product Launch Modeling
  • End of Life Forecasting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Customer Restricted Access
  • Consensus Review
  • Demand Scenario Planning

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Interested in gaining the insights and value that our customers have? Reach out to to learn more about our custom and quick-start applications for supply chain planning!

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