3 Business Cases for Improving Current Anaplan Models

3 Business Cases for Improving Current Anaplan Models

Anaplan is an impressive tool to connect departments, decrease manual labor and improve data outputs for fast, strategic decision making. With business growth, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and other business factors, your original Anaplan model may not be efficiently working and optimized for your current business climate.

Accelytic’s consultant team has years of direct Anaplan experience and industry expertise in Supply Chain, Finance and SPM. We not only work with new Anaplan clients to begin successful connected planning journeys, but we specialize in Anaplan optimization. With our signature Accelerated Approach, we are able to identify Anaplan areas of improvement, analyze output and architect more impactful Anaplan models and simulations for your business.

1. Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes to acquiring or merging with another business, an organization has to determine the best technology path moving forward. Do you salvage current processes or choose one platform? This is a common business challenge that could use the help of a consulting team. Take a look at Rentokil's story that streamlined their FP&A processes after acquiring Anaplan from a previous legal entity.

Rentokil USA is a $1.5B subsidiary of Rentokil LLC, which specializes in residential and commercial pest control and installation of natural indoor environments. The company owns several other regional based pest control brands and has over 5,000 employees.

"Accelytics streamlined our legacy Anaplan Financial Reporting and Planning models which improved performance and increased capacity. With the new space, we implemented a workforce planning tool which further streamlined our FP&A process."


With Anaplan installed from an earlier legal entity and management structure, the design was inefficient for the current business growth, subsidiary needs, data acquisition and HR reporting. This impacted their planning, employee related costs and left a processing lag for model updates.


Rentokil engaged Accelytics to reduce model size, design and install an employee-based workforce headcount tool, and provide the ability to plan employee expenses. The Accelerated Approach was used to identify gaps within Rentokil’s Anaplan workspace to determine model improvements, integrate data from their HR model and create drivers to calculate employee expenses.


●     Reduced the size of Rentokil’s Anaplan workspace by 20%

●     Reduced planning cycle time by 50% for month end close processes

●     Improved insights to employee related costs

●     Data from new acquisitions can be easily scalable

Read full case study here >

2. Improper Set Up

We hate to see this happen, but some consulting firms can miss the mark on your organization's exact process challenges and improvement needs. At Accelytics, we start our clients with a Technology and Process Analysis to truly understand your business and provide a roadmap to process optimization. With Arlo, they became a new company and we're seeking help for retail planning. Unfortunately, they were set up to fail from the beginning.

Arlo specializes in product design, wireless connectivity and cloud infrastructure. Arlo’s 300 items and 3 million subscription based users make up $50 million in annual revenue, which is manufactured and distributed via 3rd party partners globally.

"Accelytics was receptive to our needs and took the time to learn our process. As a result, the technology optimization effort helped us dramatically plan more accurately, while reducing overhead."


In 2018, Arlo branched off from Netgear to form its own company, which forced the company to invest in IT infrastructure. Anaplan was selected as a tool to help Arlo solve its retail planning challenges. Using a different consulting firm, Anaplan was falling short in forecasting, inventory and plan distribution.


Accelytics leveraged its Accelerated Approach Methodology to lead a series of workshops that streamlined Arlo’s planning process and outlined how Anaplan could be leveraged as an enabler to support the process. We also utilized a gap analysis to determine improvements for their existing Anaplan model.


●     Fully executing processes with Anaplan

●     Added Scenario Planning module

●     Forecast accuracy improved by 2% while significantly speeding up their planning process.

Read full case study here >

3. Company Growth & Size Limit Failure

As a company grows, processes need to change and adapt with the organization. Anaplan is a highly customizable and user-friendly platform, however, with low user adoption and improper set-up, your organization can struggle. With Canada Goose, they needed additional functionality and an improved interface to meet their needs.

Canada Goose is a winter clothing manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada with 2,700 employees globally and generates $500M in revenue. 

"Accelytics helped us rebuild our Anaplan model with the precision and flexibility we originally wanted. Their team of consultants were not only business process experts, but also had a very in-depth knowledge of Anaplan."


Canada Goose implemented Anaplan for their Financial Planning and Analysis process, however, the implementation was not optimized for their processes. After 3 years, they experienced size limit failure, decreased user adoption and reliance on other tools for FP&A. They also needed new functionality for multiple currencies, standardize scalability and more complex data sets.


Accelytics was recruited to redesign key aspects of the user interface and user experience, as well as reimplementing their full FP&A application which included: quarterly forecasting and annual budgeting of the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow scenario planning, inter company eliminations, transfer pricing, standard costs, and high-level production planning.

Accelytics leveraged its proprietary Accelerated Approach to identify gaps in Canada Goose’s Anaplan model and planning processes, allowing us to rearchitect their Anaplan model more efficiently with simpler understanding and less maintenance.


●     Improved user experience with deeper insights and functionality

●     Reduced maintenance time and IT overhead

●     Model size reduced by 33%

●     Planning cycle time reduced by 60%

●     Improved forecast accuracy for revenue planning by 4%

Read full case study here >

Your Anaplan Model

Are you experiencing similar issues with your Anaplan model? With our Acclerated Approach, our experts can quickly determine how to rearchitect your solution and provide you valuable resources to improve your data, lower your resource costs and minimize manual data entry. Learn how Accelytics can help your business optimize your Anaplan model and coach your team to better utilize this tool. Learn about our no obligation Accelerated Process and Technology Analysis.

Contact Ash Jain at for more information on post implementation consulting.

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