Bringing Analytics Back to Central Finance Functions - Episode 5

Financial Modelling Podcast - Episode 5

Bringing Analytics Back to Central Finance Functions

Matthew Bernath from the Financial Modelling Podcast chatted with Michael Newberry, Finance Practice VP at Accelytics, about the evolving role of the CFO, bringing analytics back to finance functions, financial modelling in today's digital world and connecting data throughout the complete enterprise.

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About the Podcast

The Financial Modelling Podcast discusses the latest trends in financial modelling, from AI and machine learning to automation. The podcast speaks to model experts, advisers, auditors, engineers and visionaries to see how financial modelling fits into the global economy. Get all the financial modelling tips, tricks and news here!

About the Host, Matthew Bernath:

Matthew is an entrepreneur, engineer, CFA® charterholder, trainer and Excel addict with a love for finance, data science, process optimization, data visualization and building businesses.  Over R5bn has been raised using financial models that Matthew has built.

About Mike Newberry, VP of Finance Practice:

Mike Newberry is the VP of our Finance Practice at Accelytics. Mike is a finance executive with 25 years of multi-industry corporate and big 4 consulting experience. He is a high-level business partner with exceptional strategy and operations expertise with the ability to generate insightful financial analyses that tell a clear and actionable story to guide C-Suite decision-making and drive business performance.

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