Opex Planning with Anaplan

OPEX Planning with Anaplan Demo

In this short webinar, the Accelytics finance experts dive into the challenges of OPEX planning and how Anaplan can reduce planning time, eliminate errors and help you strategically plan.

OPEX Planning is a very broad topic and there are many ways to do operational planning. What Accelytics' financial consultants discuss are the inherent challenges most organizations face with operational planning and why it's often challenging to get buy in from business partners on operational expenses. They also dive into Anaplan as an OPEX planning solution and the business value it delivers.

"This is very much about art of the possible. The beauty of Anaplan is that it can be customized for each of these line items in OPEX, to really allow you to plan whatever way you want to."

In this segment, Mike and Steven:

  • Inherent Challenges of OPEX Planning
  • Business Value of Anaplan
  • Strategic Benefits of Anaplan for OPEX Planning
  • A walkthrough of Anaplan's Operations Planning Capabilities

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