Top-Down, Bottom-Up Revenue Planning Approach

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Revenue Planning Approach

In this short segment, Accelytics' finance experts dive into the Top-Down, Bottom-Up Revenue Planning Approach and how Anaplan can simplify this process and connect your business units.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Methods

Top-Down and Bottom-Up are the two most popular types of planning in corporate finance. One focuses on a senior management down, high level strategy, and the other focuses on the business level expertise and moves up. While each method has pros and cons, combining these strategies can offer high value to your organization. Our finance experts will discuss the Top-Down, Bottom-Up revenue planning approach and demo how Anaplan can scale your revenue forecasting capabilities.

In this video, we will cover:

  • Overview and Challenges of Top-Down, Bottom-Up Methods
  • 3 Key Reasons to Practice Both Methods for a Connected Organization
  • Anaplan Demo Detailing Multi-Level Revenue Forecasting Capabilities
  • How Anaplan Enables Collaborative, Dynamic and Intelligent Financial Planning

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