Top-Down, Bottom-Up Revenue Planning Approach

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Revenue Planning Approach

Every week, Accelytics’ finance experts hosted short forums that dive into today’s leading financial planning challenges. Our goal is to help corporate finance teams to be empowered to become more strategic business partners – delivering insights and real time analysis.

In this short segment, Accelytics' finance experts dive into the Top-Down, Bottom-Up Revenue Planning Approach.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Methods

These are two most popular types of planning in corporate finance. One focuses on a senior management down, high level strategy and the other focuses on the business level expertise and moves up. While each method has pros and cons, combining these strategies can offer high value to your organization. Our experts, Mike Newberry and Steven Gnatovich will discuss this topic in detail and walk you through their modeling tool for success.

In this video, Mike and Steven will cover:

  • Overview and Challenges of Top-Down, Bottom-Up Methods
  • 3 Key Reasons to Practice Both Methods for a Connected Organization
  • Anaplan Demo Detailing Revenue Forecasting Capabilities
  • How Anaplan Enables Collaborative, Dynamic and Intelligent Financial Planning

Presented By Mike Newberry and Steven Gnatovich:

Mike Newberry is a finance executive with 25 years of multi-industry corporate and big 4 consulting experience. He is a high-level business partner with exceptional strategy and operations expertise with the ability to generate insightful financial analyses that tell a clear and actionable story to guide C-Suite decision-making and drive business performance.

Steven Gnatovich is a finance subject matter expert and Director at Accelytics. Steven has spent the last 5 years working in multi-dimensional modeling on the Anaplan platform. While his subject matter expertise is in finance, he has implemented Anaplan solutions across myriad industries and use cases. He has a unique ability to be able to synthesize how technology environments at his customers fit together and where the entire ecosystem can be improved. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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