WEBINAR - Unlocking Profitability in CPG: Mastering Cost to Serve with Anaplan

On-Demand Webinar - Unlocking Profitability in CPG: Mastering Cost to Serve with Anaplan.

For CPG companies, having deep visibility into customer and product profitability can shape pricing strategy, promotions, contracts, resource allocation, investment prioritization, and much more!

Watch this on-demand session with Mark Chisholm, Director at Accelytics, for an engaging webinar focused on the transformative world of cost to serve in CPG, and how Anaplan can revolutionize your approach to customer and product profitability.


By watching this webinar, you will gain invaluable insights and preview a live demonstration into how Anaplan seamlessly integrates with your GL (General Ledger) and commercial data to incorporate key drivers for cost to serve and how you can drill down on key data to empower more informed decisions and drive better outcomes for products, customers, contracts, promotions, and investments.

Mark will showcase the following highlights:
- Linking individual drivers to each GL account and unlock the true potential of cost to serve analysis.

- Discover how Anaplan's best-in-class in-memory calculation engine automatically calculates cost to serve by company and customer, providing you with accurate and actionable insights.

- Explore how Anaplan automatically disaggregates GL data to the customer level and reaggregates it for balance checks, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

- Uncover the power of advanced analytics and reporting in Anaplan, enabling you to present, interpret, compare, and rank cost to serve results for improved decision-making.

- Gain insights into future evolutions of cost to serve, such as activity-based management, and understand how Anaplan prepares you for these transformations.

- Learn how Anaplan drives better transparency and accountability throughout the cost to serve process, empowering you to optimize operations and drive growth.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your cost to serve approach and unlock the true potential of your business.

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