WEBINAR - Optimizing Your Call Center Workforce Strategy: Embracing Anaplan’s Innovative Approach

Optimizing Your Call Center Workforce Strategy: Embracing Anaplan’s Innovative Approach: Watch On-Demand!

Is your organization struggling to achieve the right balance between meeting service level targets and managing operational costs at your call centers?

Mark Chisholm, Director at Accelytics, dives into call center staffing challenges, and features a live demonstration on how Anaplan can bridge your current system gaps, as well as, create efficiencies and balance between costs and service levels.

This webinar is perfect for any business that operates call centers, including business process outsourcing, telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare companies.

By watching this session, you will gain valuable insights into Anaplan’s innovative staffing model that seamlessly links demand and supply, leverages built-in statistical models, enriches forecasts, optimizes staffing for events and skill levels, and enables collaboration across internal and external departments and vendors.


During this webinar, Mark will highlight:

- Learn how Anaplan enables you to link demand and supply in a single model, providing a holistic view of your workforce planning.

- Discover how to be alerted to impending capacity shortages, ensuring you proactively address potential gaps and maintain operational efficiency.

- Explore how demand is intricately linked to specific events throughout your organization, such as new product introductions or service offerings, allowing you to align resources accordingly.

- Harness the power of Anaplan's sophisticated statistical models to automate the baseline forecast, saving time and improving accuracy.

- Easily enrich your forecasting by layering on new lines of business, immediately seeing their impact on demand using like profiles.

- Gain visibility into team and external provider skill sets mapped against demand, enabling you to identify gaps, allocate resources effectively, and track key metrics like CSAT, SLA, AHT, ATT, and more.

- Discover how Anaplan's unlimited versioning capabilities empower you to compare scenarios and select the best path forward.

- Unlock the potential of reporting and analytics on the plan, gaining actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your workforce planning with Anaplan's connected approach!

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