Planning Technology Deployment - How Anaplan is Beating the Competition

Planning Technology Deployment - How Anaplan is Beating the Competition

With over 15 years of supply chain projects within competing supply chain software programs, I have become accustomed to the long and expensive deployment cycles that is often the case with planning technology.

After joining Accelytics Consulting and utilizing Anaplan, my view on the usual planning software deployment challenge changed drastically. Anaplan has a solid foundation, flexible models and standardized, in-depth training, which creates an easier and faster deployment to our clients, saving both parties valuable time and resources.  

The Anaplan Platform

Anaplan itself is a newer technology, which offers solutions to many of the common issues when it comes to working with a planning software. With software, usability, customization and standardization are all advantages of using Anaplan versus competitors.

Anaplan’s largest advantage is the ability to customize models and data output for a given client’s specific business goals and needs. With our Accelerated Approach, we take the time to learn each of our client’s business goals, struggles, opportunities and processes. Using their data, we are able to input it into Anaplan and outline a complete POC with real-life numbers, statistics and ROI – giving the client an exact model of what to expect when deploying Anaplan.

Another advantage of Anaplan is the ease of use. Unlike the competition, outputs can be changed or modified without needing code knowledge to accomplish small changes. Everything can be done right from the GUI of the platform itself.

Lastly, all of the initial development work for a solution is done in the standardized Anaplan platform, even across different business functions, such as finance, supply chain and sales. This makes it easier for multiple solution architects to collaborate. For example, a typical JDA deployment needs multiple architects that often work in different silos with different methods, which leads to confusion and inconsistency among other inefficiencies.

Standardization of the Deployment Methodology

With Anaplan, there is a specific approach for deployment in place that is a fundamental mantra of the Anaplan community. This is ingrained into all solution architects, partners, employees and in fact just about everyone working in any area related to Anaplan solutions.

When project teams come together, there is little time wasted on debating how to manage the deployment – everyone comes to the table primed and ready to run. There is no need to explain how the project will be managed because everyone has similar expectations. From my experience with over20 JDA deployments, I can’t say any two of them had the same approach.

Quality and Consistency of Training for Model Builders

Anaplan’s commitment to and focus on the quality of training is a key element of their success as a platform. With the entire community of model builders and solution architects being trained and certified in a consistent way, all parties involved in a deployment can easily collaborate, communicate, and support each other. It also allows us to work on each other’s models, which is something that can be on the edge of impossible in the JDA world, where many things are custom coded.

With Anaplan’s open approach, solution architects are skilled with broad and deep knowledge of the platform, among multiple areas. Specifically in the JDA world, it is not uncommon to have people who are experts in only one or 2 areas of the software (for example: demand or fulfillment but often not both), which leads to more architects needed on a project.

A Winning Deployment Strategy

Ranking Anaplan’s deployment strategy, training and ease of use, this software is a clear winner amongst competition for planning deployments. Matched with Accelytics' Accelerated Technology and Process Analysis, clients not only experience a shorter sales cycle with real data outcomes, but they are delivered a product that is deployed effectively and is easy to use within the organization. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Looking for a low-risk way to evaluate if Anaplan is right for your business? Contact Accelytics to learn more about our Free Accelerated Technology & Process Analysis.

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About the Author:

Chris Louttit is the Director Supply Chain at Accelytics Consulting. Chris is a supply chain specialist with over 23 years of diverse experience. He has been a key contributor on many projects, both small and large businesses, mainly focused on CPG, manufacturing, and retail. He has worked with companies including GOYA, Janssen, MARS, American Greetings and PEPSICO LATAM to improve their business processes and help integrate various technologies. He is an expert in business process design, project management, and strategic systems integration. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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