Overcoming the Top CPG S&OP Challenges and Process Failures

Overcoming the Top CPG S&OP Challenges and Process Failures

Consumer Goods companies have felt the effects of the recent disruptions as much, if not more, than other industries. The recent challenges have put existing Sales and Operations Planning processes to the test. This webinar will talk CPG challenges and strategies for today's economy.

Join our industry experts for a live webinar on July 14 at 11 AM CST that will discuss:
1. The uniqueness of S&OP in the CPG Industry
2. Discuss the Main Challenges CPG Faces in S&OP
3. Importance of Data for High S&OP Performance
4. Tactics and Strategies to Overcome Process and Planning Inefficiencies
5. How Accelytics can Identify your S&OP Opportunities and Streamline your Processes with Anaplan

Presented by Sean McNunn, VP of Supply Chain, and Andy Brisley, Sr. Director of Supply Chain.

Sean and Andy have over 75 years of combined experience in the supply chain industry. This dynamic duo has technology driven backgrounds specializing in CPG solutions and process improvements. You won't want to miss the knowledge they bring to the table on CPG S&OP!

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