Supply Chain Planning in Disruptive Environments

Supply Chain Webinar Series

Kick Off Session - Demand Planning

With the current state of our economy, Accelytics invites you to join our deep dive webinar series for Supply Chain Planning in Disruptive Environments. 

We will discuss the current planning challenges and discuss strategies to move forward through every stage of the supply chain. In partnership with Anaplan, we will highlight how using this technology can help you respond to planning challenges in quick time.

Join us May 12th from 11-12PM EST as we kick off our series with a session on Demand Planning & Demand Management that will discuss:

  • Review current environment challenges across supply chains
  • Understand why current tools may prevent or delay your response
  • Learn options for demand planning in disruptive environments
  • Learn options for demand signal interpretation and output
  • Learn how Accelytics and Anaplan can provide a strong foundation to respond to this and all future challenges in a rapid quick time to value process

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Accelytics Consulting is collaborating with Anaplan to bring you this webinar series.

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