Anaplan Supply Planning Apps Demo and Overview

An In-Depth Look at Anaplan's Supply Planning App: Forecast Disaggregation and Inventory Planning

In today's fast-paced market, businesses face significant challenges in managing their supply chains efficiently. The complexity of modern supply chains requires advanced planning solutions that can offer accuracy, flexibility, and real-time insights. This is where Anaplan's Supply Planning App steps in, offering a transformative approach to forecast disaggregation and inventory planning, ensuring businesses can meet demand while minimizing costs. Anaplan supply planning apps give you the power of Anaplan with an out-of-the-box solution.

Overview of Anaplan's Supply Planning App

Anaplan stands out in the world of business planning solutions with its robust Supply Planning App. Designed to cater to the dynamic needs of supply chain management, this app provides a suite of tools for seamless forecast disaggregation and sophisticated inventory planning. By leveraging Anaplan's platform, businesses can harness the power of connected planning to optimize their supply chain operations, ensuring the right balance between demand fulfillment and inventory costs.

The Supply Planning app within Anaplan is designed to address complex supply chain challenges. Key features include real-time collaboration, scenario planning, and advanced analytics. This app facilitates forecast disaggregation, inventory optimization, and seamless integration with other business functions, making it an invaluable tool for supply chain professionals.

This video goes through the following key sections of the Anaplan Supply Planning App:

  • Forecast Disaggregation
  • Inventory Policy
  • Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Transfers

Forecast Disaggregation

Logan Jones demonstrates the forecast disaggregation, which allows planners to accurately distribute a forecast produced for products across various levels of planning hierarchy, ensuring that the lowest level receives the most precise forecast possible. He explores: Forecast Disaggregation Importance, Default Settings, Disaggregation Bases, Adjustability, Minimum Allowable Percentage, Override Perpetuation, Specific Adjustments and Validation and Error Checking.

Inventory Policy

Matt Russell from Accelytics uses the Anaplan Supply Planning App to illustrate the inventory policy piece of the Anaplan model. He touches on Demand Shape vs. Supply Shape, Safety Stock, Inventory Policies, Service Level Targets, Scenario Planning, Effective Dates for Policies and Inventory Value Simulation.

Inventory Planning

Michael LaHood demonstrates the complexities of inventory planning within the new Anaplan supply planning app in this video. Michael walks through: Forecasting, Inventory Policies, Planning Level, Parameter Adjustments, Policy Overrides, Service Level and Demand Variability, Minimum and Target Inventory Levels, Back Order Strategy, Lead Time Adjustments, Inventory Control, Planner Dashboard, Reorder Management and Policy Overrides by Date.

Inventory Transfers

This video demo discusses the intricacies of inventory management and the flexibility offered by Anaplan apps in addressing real-world challenges, such as inventory transfers. This demo outlines: Inventory Transfers, Exception-Based Management, Transfer Lanes Setup, Lead Times Definition, Inventory Planning Integration, Shipping Methods Customization, Shortfall Identification, Transfer Request Execution, Workflow and Approvals and Flexibility and Customization.

Anaplan's Supply Planning Apps are an exciting option for fast time ot value and ROI, with the power of Anaplan's connected planning capabilities. To learn more about the Anaplan Supply Planning Apps and their additional apps, contact us at

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