Strategic Planning for Banks in Anaplan

Strategic Planning for Banks

In this Anaplan demo, Accelytics Finance Expert, Mark Chisholm, sheds light on the pressing challenges confronting banks in the current landscape, such as COVID-induced supply chain disruptions, escalating inflation, and the imminent mortgage renewals in Canada. Recognizing the urgency for a swift and adaptable approach to accounting and planning, Mark introduces the strategic planning model in Anaplan as a tool that empowers banks with real-time planning and analysis capabilities.

The demonstration unfolds across several essential dashboards and functionalities:

1. Dashboard Scenario Modeling for Bank Growth:

Mark guides viewers through the process of crafting and adjusting growth scenarios on a dashboard. This involves modeling a Profit and Loss (P&L) and balance sheet for a bank, illustrating how to create new scenarios, tweak assumptions for asset and liability growth, and observe the resulting impact on top-line growth figures. The ability to track overrides and adjustments is emphasized, offering insights into key metrics like net interest income, earnings per share growth, productivity leverage ratios, wholesale funding rates, and net stable funding ratios in real-time.

2. Real-Time Modeling for Banks With Anaplan:

The importance of real-time modeling for anticipating and mitigating challenges is explored. Mark underscores Anaplan's strategic asset, enabling banks to accurately model changes in real-time, such as regulatory constraints, alterations in leverage ratios, and adjustments in business lines. The platform facilitates the comparison of different scenarios, allowing banks to assess their impacts on the balance sheet and P&L. Mark also demonstrates how the platform supports sensitivity analysis on key ratios and scenarios.

3. Earnings Per Share Scenarios Discussed:

Mark discusses the impact of various scenarios on a company's earnings per share. He models the effects of tightening the funding ratio to 120%, a 50 basis point interest rate increase, and a 10% drop in the Canadian dollar. This segment underscores the value of readily available information for modeling potential changes and understanding their impacts.

4. Single Source Planning Truth for Banks in Turbulent Times:

Mark concludes by highlighting the advantages of employing a single source of planning truth for banks, particularly during turbulent times. The system's ability to rapidly model diverse scenarios and identify optimal value investments is emphasized. Mark demonstrates this capability by using hypothetical investments across different product lines, showcasing how the system provides crucial metrics for decision-making. The asset's ability to accommodate new business lines and model their financials based on assumptions is emphasized, offering a valuable tool for navigating challenges and potentially mitigating their impact.

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