Anaplan Supply Chain Apps Demo and Training

The New Supply Chain Apps

Have you heard about Anaplan's new supply chain apps? Our Supply Chain experts are here to educate you on the new programs and show you exactly how they work! This is only the first training in a series of videos.

The session kicks off with an insightful introduction to the Anaplan Supply Chain Apps, setting the stage for an exploration of their functionalities and features. The experts at Accelytics take you on a detailed tour of the following modules: History Correction, New Product Development, Product Segmentation, Promotions, and Opportunities Management. Each module is dissected and explained with clarity, ensuring a thorough understanding of their roles in optimizing supply chain processes.

To facilitate a seamless learning experience, the video includes timestamps for easy navigation.

  • 1:12 - 2:14: Intro on the Supply Chain Apps
  • 2:25 - 12:40: History Correction
  • 12:43 - 21:05: New Product Development
  • 21:17 - 27:48: Product Segmentation
  • 27:54 - 39:30: Promotions
  • 39:34 - 48:38: Opportunity Management
  • 48:45: Q&A / FAQs

One of the key highlights of these Anaplan Supply Chain Apps is their adherence to best practices, ensuring a rapid time-to-value. The meticulously designed apps eliminate the need for custom implementations, streamlining the integration process and expediting the realization of benefits.

For those eager to delve deeper into the intricacies of these groundbreaking apps, the video extends an invitation to connect with Accelytics' experts.

Reach out to them at to explore the endless possibilities and uncover how Anaplan Supply Chain Apps can transform your supply chain management, driving efficiency, and maximizing value. Don't miss the opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of supply chain technology!

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