LISS Demo - Demonstrating Line Item Subsets in Anaplan

LISS Demo - Demonstrating Line Item Subsets in Anaplan

In this "Ask Accelytics" Anaplan Model Optimization series, our Anaplan experts are diving deep into Anaplan's powerful features that help optimize planning and analytics processes. Today, our Accelytics Experts will unveil the mysteries of List Item Subsets (LISS) in Anaplan and showcase how they can revolutionize your modeling capabilities while fortifying data security.

In this video, our experts break down:

Understanding List Item Subsets:

Learn how to harness the potential of List Item Subsets to efficiently organize and group list items within dimensions. By creating subsets, you can gain enhanced control over data visualization, filtering, and scenario analysis, providing the precision and clarity necessary to make data-driven decisions that truly stand out.

Implementing User Security Controls:

Data security is paramount, and Anaplan equips you with robust User Security Controls. Discover how to establish and manage user access rights, roles, and permissions, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected and accessible only to authorized team members.

Real-world Use Cases:

Explore real-world use cases that demonstrate the tangible benefits of List Item Subsets. Discover how these subsets have facilitated a Property Management company in optimizing their CAPEX and empowered a Retailer to enhance Store and Product Performance.

Pro Tips and Best Practices:

Our seasoned experts are here to share invaluable insights, tips, tricks, and best practices derived from their hands-on experience with Anaplan and Line Item Subsets. These expert recommendations will help you save time and streamline your workflow, making your Anaplan experience more efficient and effective.

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